George Harrision

Beatles Painting For Sale

A painting created by The Beatles is set to go up for auction in New York next week.

The Let It Be hitmakers were forced to hole up inside their Toyko, Japan hotel room back in 1966 after they received a number of death threats in the middle of their world tour.

The band’s manager handed them some paint and a large blank canvas in a bid to help stave off their boredom, and during their stay, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr each picked up a brush and exercised their frustration in a creative way.

Now the abstract masterpiece, entitled Images of a Woman, is to be sold off by Weiss Auctions in Oceanside on September 14.

Philip Weiss tells Forbes magazine, “They were bored. Over the course of two nights, working by lamp light in the center of the canvas, each Beatle painted a corner. The lamp got removed, (leaving a circle in the center), where each Beatle signed his work.”