George Zimmerman

Rock The Hoodie: An Appreciation By Rising Recording Artist Dayme

(New York)—When recording aritist DAYME first appeared on the music scene a little over a year ago, critics were enthused by her rocking-Joan Jett-directness as well as the theatricality of her performances. The fact that she wrote all her own material tipped off the music industry immediately to a new potential powerhouse.

Her live shows were proof positive that a new, vibrant artist had arrived. Proving the critics right, she has just written and released “Rock The Hoodie,” a passionate and personal musical observation; in light of the recent Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and verdict.

Says Dayme, “I wrote the song (and shot the accompanying video) right before the verdict because it was close to my heart. The whole episode resonated so strongly within me, that the song almost wrote itself.”

Dayme posted the video online and in two days generated over 400K views. Currently the video is on You Tube’s Most Popular at #2.

The artist admits that several of the comments posted after viewing the video were negative and rather harsh. “I expected negative comments, but to comment further negatively on Trayvon, I found that very disheartening. I think the case revolves around the stand your ground law in Florida. Unity is where we need to be. The law failed him more than the jury is how I see it.”

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