Ghost Hunters

Meat Loaf Says He Saw Ghost at London Hotel

Rock veteran Meat Loaf is convinced that one of London’s top hotels is haunted, after he encountered a ghostly apparition while staying there recently.

The Bat Out of Hell star often stays at the city’s five-star Landmark Hotel when he visits the U.K., and during one trip in 2010 he was left unnerved after apparently seeing the spectre of a 1940s businessman near his bed.

The singer, who has starred in hit TV show Ghost Hunters twice and claims he is a “conduit” for phantoms, tells Q magazine, “I last saw a ghost in 2010, right here in this hotel (the Landmark). It was about six in the morning and I was in bed when I woke up and saw what looked like a businessman from the ’40s at the foot of the bed. I shouted, but he didn’t react.”