Grace of God

Katy Perry On Her Emotional "Dark" New Song ‘By The Grace Of God

Courtesy iTunes

Katy Perry has opened up about her emotional new song ‘By The Grace Of God’ and reveals that it was written during a “darker” period of her life.

The ‘Roar’ singer’s new song, rumoured to have been written about her divorce from Russell Brand, was performed live at iTunes Festival 2013 last week and feature Katy at her most honest and vulnerable.

“It was a song that I wrote, first song back, in November 2012 and I was just in a darker period,” Katy exclusively told Capital’s Max this week. “That’s why, when I said I was going to make a darker record, it’s because I was in that period of my life.

“But then I did a lot of introspective work and self-reflection and let a lot of beautiful, positive, reflecting things inside and did a lot of self-improvement work,” she explained. ” ‘By The Grace Of God’ is a song that does paint a very sad story at first but then you hear me rise above in the whole arc.

“Sometimes when I’m writing these lyrics […] they’re just so completely vulnerable,” the singer added. “I was writing those lyrics in a corner and really scared to present them to anyone, but I knew that they would resonate, I knew that they were real, I knew that people would really relate to them.”

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