Gretsch To Sell Limited Edition Replica Of Harrison Guitar

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Guitar makers at Gretsch are marketing a new guitar styled after the Duo Jet George Harrison strummed in his early days with the Beatles.

The limited edition instrument is a replica of the one Harrison played at Liverpool’s fabled Cavern Club.

The late Beatle once described the Duo Jet as his “first really decent guitar”. He was pictured holding one on the cover of his 1987 album Cloud Nine.

Only 60 tribute Duo Jets will be available to fans when they hit stores in May (11), and each will cost upwards of $20,000.

The news of the new guitar has brought merchant sailor Ivan Hayward to come forward and recall selling his to Harrison.

He tells USA Today newspaper, “It didn’t have a huge body, and you could get it flat into your body and move with it. It was like the nearest thing to making love to a woman. That’s what it meant in those days.” A copy of the I.O.U. slip Harrison left Hayward after buying the guitar for less than the asking price is included with each new Duo Jet.

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