Greyson Chance

Generation Youtube—Can You Create a Career And Make Money?

Everyone from stay-at-home moms
to entrepreneurs, musicians and comedians are creating a new or second career
and earning income by posting videos on YouTube. No longer do you need an agent
or manager to launch a singing career or to publish a book. No longer do you
need a company behind you to sell your ideas, products or how-to knowledge. Six years ago
launched on the web and revolutionized video sharing. What began as a simple
idea — allowing anyone to upload and view videos, for free — quickly
transformed into a platform that connected the world. Now
encompasses everything from how-to videos to entertainment, self expression,
business and citizen journalism. “20/20” reports on the phenomenon and talks to
many whose lives have been changed personally and financially by their YouTube
success, including singer Greyson Chance, two of YouTube’s biggest stars –
Mystery Guitar Man and beauty guru Michelle Phan – and the comedic brains
behind “Key of Awesome,” one of the largest spoof channels on YouTube.

“Generation YouTube” airs on “20/20” FRIDAY,
(10:00-11:00 p.m.,
ET) on the ABC Television Network. Deborah Roberts, Juju Chang, John Berman and
Ashleigh Banfield report.