Grurmpy Cat

Grumpy Cat To Appear In Hollywood Film

The feline Internet sensation known as Grumpy Cat will reportedly make his Hollywood debut. The scowling pet is reportedly set to appear in a new film from Broken Road Films, who also produced Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill.”

The cat, real name Tarder Sauce, went viral after images of its seemingly unhappy expression were posted to the web. The cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen is cashing in on the fame, having already secured an endorsement deal with Friskies in addition to the film appearance.

It won’t be Tarder Sauce’s first time on camera, however, as she has already appeared on “Good Morning America” and “Anderson Cooper Live.” According to Bundesen, Tarder Sauce’s one-of-kind scowl is caused by feline dwarfism.