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Miley Cyrus is #1 on The Charts

Miley Cyrus’ critically acclaimed new album Bangerz (RCA Records)debuts at #1 on both the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and the Digital Album Charts with over 270k albums sold. Additionally, during release week, Bangerz hit #1 on iTunes in over 70 countries. This marks Miley’s second #1 album and biggest sales week (outside of Hannah Montana properties) since 2008. Bangerz also debuted at #1 in Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK where Miley currently has a double #1 with “Wrecking Ball” hitting the top slot on the UK singles charts. Bangerz debuted top 10 in at least a dozen other markets including New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal, Sweden and more. Miley also sold 426,000 tracks from her album last week placing 14 songs on the Top 200 Digital Songs Chart.

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Kelly Osbourne to Miley Cyrus: Put Your Tongue in Your Mouth

Kelly Osbourne has offered her friend Miley Cyrus some advice following the former child star’s controversial MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Cyrus has been all over the headlines after taking the stage with Robin Thicke for a sexually-charged duet on his hit song Blurred Lines, and many people in Hollywood have criticized the 20-year-old for going too far with her raunchy routine, but Osbourne has offered up some more pointed advice.

She says, “Look Miley’s my friend and I love her, and I have her back no matter what, but, as her friend, I’m going to tell her – put your (expletive) tongue in your mouth! I love you, but just put your tongue in your mouth.”

Previously, Osbourne defended her pal on Twitter.com, telling followers, “I wish ppl (people) would back off @MileyCyrus… yes she pushed peoples buttons but she is young & expressing herself… I think people forget that she is an actress! She only played #HannahMontana but she IS @MileyCyrus!”

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Disney Channel Star Mitchel Musso Charged With DUI

Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso has been charged with drunk driving following his arrest last weekend.

The actor, who played Oliver Oken on the hit Disney program, was taken into custody in the early hours on Sunday morning after failing to slow down for cops who were directing traffic in Burbank, California.
He later failed a breathalyser test and was subsequently booked on suspicion of DUI, before being released on bail.
Musso has now been charged with two counts of driving while drunk, according to TMZ.com.
The actor is due back in court to face the charges on November 11. He faces a maximum of six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

Billy Ray Cyrus Drops Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus is no longer getting a divorce.

The singer-and-actor says he and his wife Tish – who are parents to ‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus – have decided to stay together because his family now feel closer than ever.

He said: “I’ve dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together . Things are the best they’ve ever been.”

The ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ star – who also has another daughter Noah, 10 and a son Braison, 16 with Tish – added that he has recovered his father-daughter bond with Miley after speaking out about her recent antics including smoking a legal high through a bong device.

He said: “I feel like I got my Miley back. I feel like we’re the daddy and daughter we were before ‘Hannah Montana’.”

In October he announced that he was splitting with the mother of his children after 17 years of marriage, before speaking last month of his desire to “mend” his family.

When asked if his daughter’s role as the pop princess caused difficulties at home he said the whole experience of fame was to blame.

He told TV show ‘The View’: “‘Hannah Montana’ didn’t ruin my family. Fame did.”

“Sometimes when you get in this ride, you feel like you’re strapped to a rocket.”

Miley Cyrus Provokes Fury of Ant-Drug Activists

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Miley Cyrus has come under fire from anti-drugs campaigners, who have criticised the teenage star after she was caught on camera allegedly smoking a hallucinogenic legal high.

A video of the Hannah Montana singer/actress puffing on a bong emerged online on Friday (Dec 10), much to the dismay of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who insisted he was saddened by the footage.
The 18 year old, who is shown giggling and babbling incoherently in the film, is said to have beensmoking controversial but legal psychoactive plant Salvia, and experts are already stepping forward to condemn Cyrus’ actions.
Former California State Assemblyman, Anthony Adams, who attempted to have the substance banned in the state back in 2007, is adamant the young star is setting a bad example.
He tells TMZ.com, “You do incredibly crazy things (under the influence of Salvia). Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behaviour. It’s time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban (of this substance).” A spokesperson for America’s Drug Enforcement Administration adds, “Salvia is a drug of concern. We are taking steps to look further into it…”
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Miley Cyrus – Cyrus Slammed For Allegedly Drinking Alcohol

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Miley Cyrus  has been criticised by the head of an international alcohol awareness group after she was allegedly spotted boozing in Spain.

The 17-year-old singer/actress was reportedly photographed drinking beer while partying in Madrid – the legal age to drink in the country is 18, but teenagers as young as 16 are allowed to consume “certain” alcoholic beverages without issue.
Hannah Montana star Cyrus didn’t break any laws, according to TMZ.com, but she has been slammed by the boss of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness.
James E. Copple tells the website Cyrus’ actions will encourage other youngsters to engage in “risky behaviour associated with underage alcohol consumption,” adding, “The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behaviour and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk.”

Will Miley Cyrus’ Big Bang To Boom in Theateres?

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Miley Cyrus” mysterious new music video for Rock Mafia is set to be developed into a movie.
The Hannah Montana actress stars with Kevin Zegers in the promo for The Big Bang, in which the Gossip Girl hunk chases Cyrus through the streets of New York and they share a passionate kiss – before suddenly realising he has imagined her.

The clip has become an internet hit – and Rock Mafia singer Tim James admits movie bosses are interested in extending the concept into a big screen film.

He tells MTV.com, “They’re actually talking about a movie. I’m excited about that too. There’s a couple of producers putting together story lines and stuff. That’s really exciting.”

Miley Cyrus Warns Photographers Over "Dangerous Driving"

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Miley Cyrus was caught up in a roadside furor on Saturday (16Oct10) after she stopped her car and warned a group of photographers to curb their “dangerous driving”.
The Hannah Montana star was motoring through Los Angeles but became incensed when a snapper’s vehicle “cut off” another motorist and Cyrus stopped herBMW at the side of the road to chastise them.
The singer/actress walked up to the window of the photographer’s car and calmly told the occupants to stop taking risks on the road.
She said, “That guy is calling the cops on you guys. So you got your picture? No more following me? You just cut a guy off. You’re putting me in danger… This guy is calling the police on you, you are driving dangerously. You follow me no more, you got your pictures? Cool? Right, see you guys later.”
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