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MINI CONCERT REVIEW: Steppin’ Out With Mark Lindsay, The Turtles, Micky Dolenz and The Beach Boys

by Anne M. Raso

We think the free shows Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz every summer in Brighton Beach are a true “rite” of summer. The shows feature people as diverse as Liza Minnelli and John Legend, but we’re always the most excited about the “baby boomer” shows. Last night we were not there for the Beach Boys (even though it was the Mike Love and Bruce Johnston lineup), we were there for the three openers–Mark Lindsay, The Turtles and Micky Dolenz!
    Everyone was in fine form (no old guys who have lost there voices here….just old guys who could still reach all the notes)! We have to say that we have heard some of The Turtles same between-song schtick at other shows especially the “We’re Your New American Idols” routine and the send-up on Bruce Springsteen and Zappa. (Be sure to catch Flo & Eddie on the upcoming Zappa Plays Zappa shows for a taste of their other, even more eccentric side!) Acts were given just a half-hour so it was hits and nothing but hit!
    Mark Lindsay was the first act on and we have to say he is looking fit and his vocals are in equally great shape! The true highlight of the evening is when he came out to sing “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone” with Micky Dolenz, as both the Radiers and Monkees had hits with the tune back in the day. The guys hammed it up and all we can say is, pardon the pun, “Steppin’ Stone” rocked out! It is one of 60s AM rock’s most timeless tracks!
    Live, Micky Dolenz sings not only the hits he sang lead on back in the day, but all the other Monkees’ hits as well. His extended set includes lesser known faves like “Goin’ Down,” but in a half-hour set, we didn’t get lucky enough to hear that Micky fave. We did get “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “Last Train To Clarksville” done to perfection–if you closed your eyes, you’d think you were listening to these songs on your little plastic portable record player when you were little! (A note to fifty-somethings: remember lip syncin’ to the Monkees first two albums when you were in grade school?)

   The Beach Boys did obscure and well-known and the first song was the first appropriately enough, “Surfin”–the first Beach Boys track ever to (pardon the pun again) make waves!  Mike Love is not one for much banter between songs–he is more about giving the audience as many songs as he can possibly do in an hour to 90 minutes. “Little Deuce Coupe” got the 60-something car lovers in the crowd roarin,’ and John Stamos (who has toured with the band for something like 20 years on and off now) got the ladies’ swooning. Even though I was never the biggest BB fan, you can’t help but appreciating how well their tunes have aged and how tight their stage show for Summer 2010 is! 

THE MAC WIRE RATING: 4 1/2 out of five stars!