Heroes: The Musicial

David Bowie Denies Granting Permission For Songs To Be Used In New Musical

David Bowie has denied that he has given permission for his songs to be used in a new musical. It was reported that Bowie had agreed to let his songs be used in a futuristic fantasy about his career called Heroes: The Musical.

According to Bowie’s spokesman: “Neither the David Bowie Organization, nor its co-publishers EMI Music and Chrysalis, has issued a license for this performance at the O2. There are no negotiations pending for a long running musical featuring the music of Mr. Bowie.”

Deep Singh, who wrote the musical, said that the production had been granted permission from the singer, according to NME. It is unclear why the show’s creators and producers believed they were granted permission.

Bowie’s last studio album Reality was released in 2003. Along with that, came the notion that he was “retired” from making music.