House of Carters

Leslie Carter Reportedly Died From Overdose

Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister Leslie suffered an overdose after taking a mixture of prescription drugs to treat depression and mental illness, according to an incident report filed by emergency service officials.

Leslie Carter died suddenly on January 31st at her home in upstate New York.

Details about the tragedy have since emerged in the report obtained by editors at ABC News.

According to the document, Leslie was found unconscious by her stepmother, Ginger Carter, hours after she had slipped and fallen in the shower.

The 25-year-old Leslie’s father, Robert Carter, then tried to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on his daughter before paramedics arrived and took over. They reportedly found drug vials to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia pill Olazapine, muscle relaxer Cyclobenzaprine, and anxiety medication Alprazolam near Leslie’s body.

Ginger also told emergency medical technicians that Leslie appeared to be sad on the morning of her death and had suffered “a long history of mental illness.”

An autopsy conducted on February 1st proved inconclusive, although the coroner confirmed there were “no visible signs of trauma.” The Carter family is now awaiting the results of a toxicology report to determine the exact cause of her cause of death.

A funeral is expected to take place next week.