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Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP In Final Days Of Production

Lady Gaga hit Twitter on Thursday to update her fans on the making of her upcoming album ARTPOP. Using an elaborate fashion metaphor, she explained that she’s in the last phase of production:

“in the final days finishing ARTPOP. i feel like an atelier. refining seams. ironing fabrics. needling the last thread of my couture creation.”

She added: “It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard–the music came on i looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense.”

Gaga recently gave fans a preview of the album, debuting seven of its songs during her performance at the iTunes Festival. The cuts included a rap track, “Jewels & Drugs,” featuring T.I.,Too $hort and Twista.

ARTPOP is due November 11.

(Source): RTT

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