Jennifer Lopez Talks about her Weight and Admits she’s Considered Plastic Surgery

J-Lo is a curvy and proud woman and she once fired a manager,  who insisted she lose weight. In an interview conducted by Jane Fonda, who has  been open about her plastic surgery, which appears in Glamour magazine, Lopez  talks about her body.

The pressure to be thin in Hollywood is intense, and many  actresses and singers, who are by no means overweight, have felt the pressure  to become ultra-thin. Many of these celebrities have made the decision to have  cosmetic surgery and liposuction to  conform to Hollywood’s standards of beauty. But not Jennifer Lopez, she fired  one of her managers who insisted she lose weight saying it was “mean” and that wasn’t who she is. Her curvy frame has been one of her greatest assets, and her  toned and fuller buttocks is one of her claims to fame, among many others.

In the interview, Lopez admitted that she would consider  plastic surgery, she says she doesn’t feel like she needs it now, but she is  open to the idea of cosmetic surgery in the future.

The cosmetic surgery industry has grown over the years as  people have changed their feelings towards cosmetic enhancements, finding it more  acceptable than any other time. Numerous women have gone
to plastic surgeons seeking out liposuction  to achieve a curvy figure like Jennifer Lopez. With liposuction, it is possible for a person to contour their bodies  and remove fat from areas of discontent.

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