Jackie Reach

Cher Crying Over Dying Godmother

Pop superstar Cher is in tears after visiting her dying god mother in hospital.

The Believe hitmaker has revealed Jackie Reach, who worked as a performer with the USO (United Service Organizations) during World War Two, is seriously ill and she’s facing her final days.

In a series of Twitter.com posts, Cher writes, “Hi ! Had good & sad wknd (weekend)! Hiked & went to hospital because my Good (sic) mother is dying! She hadn’t spoken… I walked in grabbed her foot & she said what r u (sic) doing here? it was on! We laughed. We Told hysterical stories, she sang 4 songs, + my favorite! She had been SHEET WHIT (white)! With in hrs (within hours) she was rosy! I’ll miss her! I loved her.

“She wont (sic) (get better), told me ‘Cher I did it all! I’m ok w/ (with) this’ she was great singer In ww2 USO all over pacific”.