Jemella Group’s ‘Good Hair Day

Katy Perry Settles Dispute With Haircare Company

Pop star Katy Perry has detangled herself from a haircare deal gone wrong by settling a lawsuit with bosses behind British brand GHD.

The Firework hitmaker signed on as the face of the Jemella Group’s ‘Good Hair Day’ (GHD) brand in 2011 but attempted to sue executives at the company after her contract ended, claiming they owed her $2 million based on a verbal agreement to extend the deal.

Jemella Group chiefs filed a motion to block Perry’s legal team from suing them, alleging there was no such agreement in place and insisting they had wanted to cut ties with Perry once the deal expired.

However, both parties have now agreed a truce after reaching a deal to drop the case, according to

It is not known if Perry received any of the $2 million she was seeking.

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