Jessica Pacheco

Davy Jones’ Wife Filed For Divorce In 2011

The Monkees star Davy Jones and his wife Jessica Pacheco were working to save their marriage in the months leading up to the singer’s death after she filed for divorce last summer (11).

The couple wed in August, 2009, and the relationship appeared to be going strong, but newly-unearthed court documents reveal the singer’s third marriage had hit a rough patch, and former Telemundo soap star Pacheco had filed for divorce in Florida on 28 July (11).

According to the National Enquirer, which obtained a copy of the legal papers, the pair was ultimately able to patch up the relationship and Pacheco withdrew the petition in October (11).

A source tells the publication, “Jessica filed for divorce in Florida last summer. And people noticed that Davy had stopped wearing his wedding ring… Around October, she cancelled the divorce papers, and for the last few months they were back together as a loving couple.”

The I’m a Believer hitmaker died of a heart attack on 29 February (12)


CONCERT PICK FOR SAT. 2-18–Davy Jones At B.B. King’s, Times Square (8 PM)

(Photo above courtesy B.B. Kings, NYC; photo of Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz at Monkees concert, Brighton Beach, NY 7-21-11 below by Anne Raso.)

By Anne M. Raso

It goes without saying that while the recent Monkees reunion  tour was well-received despite being cut short due to internal problems. Davy, Peter and Micky were in top form. I took in the Brighton Beach, NY, show (just a shell’s throw from Coney Island) back in July, and was amazed at not only how great they sang, but am still laughing at some of the hysterical barbs delivered between songs. There was also a great montage of old and new clips of “the boys” on a jumbo screen behind them, a lot of it classic material but a lot of it rare and unseen!
     A Davy Jones‘ solo show is always a treat and that’s why I’ve picked it as The Mac Wire‘s concert pick of the weekend. The editors are based in New York, where we get every great tour but are actually light on classic rock shows with the exception of the artists that come through BB King’s in Times Square. That’s the one place where you can catch a superstar of yesterday still at the top of their game.
     Davy’s solo show includes everything he sang lead on with The Monkees, a few that he didn’t (but he does these justice) and there is even a flamenco dancing part of the show that features his wife Jessica Pacheco, a Telemundo star who is a professional dancer.
     In his spare time (not that he has much at all), he raises horses in rural Pennsylvania and also resides in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. He recently completed the second edition of his autobiography, Davy
Jones: Daydream Believin’
, which updates his life and career to the
present–and you can bet that will be my reading material next week after I get him to sign a copy at the B.B.’s show tomorrow night!
    I was not given interview access to Davy this time around, but I am going to be sure to say hi and ask Jessica if she still has that colorful glass ring I gave her during the sound check at the last B.B. King’s show that Davy did. She admired it and I have a million of them, so I gave it to her…but it’s probably about three sizes too big and she probably had to put it on her thumb.
     Anyway, a few tickets are still available for the 2-18 show. Doors open at 6:00 PM, and here is the direct link to buy tickets for the clever Mr. Jones (although last minute tickets are usually available at the box office): Tickets are $38.50 in advance and $42.00 the day of the show. (On a purely unrelated note–be sure to buy a bottle of Marky Ramone tomato sauce on the way out. It beats getting up early to make sauce on Sunday, LOL!) Be sure to check out Davy’s official site to “keep up with the Jones” as well:
     One last thing: does anyone out there think that Davy should be invited to a show or two on the current Guns ‘N Roses tour (that’s really just one “Gun” in our opinion for obvious reason) and get to do the famous swaying dance that Axl Rose stole from him years ago? We’d love to see Davy and Axl doing the same dance to “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Mr.  Brownstone”!