Joseph Germanotta

Lady Gaga’s Father Rants About Restaurant Rating

Lady Gaga’s father has aimed a furious online rant at New York City’s mayor after the family’s Italian restaurant was given a damning report from city health inspectors.

The star and her relatives opened the Joanne Trattoria on Manhattan’s West Side in February, 2012, but the venue was found to be in violation of hygiene and sanitary rules following a Department of Health inspection in October.

Gaga’s father, Joseph Germanotta, has now taken aim at the city’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a scathing rant on, alleging health inspectors have visited the eaterie late at night and found minor infractions, like a mouldy potato in a vegetable bin.

In a series of posts, he writes, “Great story of NYC making progress, money and corruption. We had a bad potato in a bin with 40 good potatoes… It wasn’t being served to a customer, it was raw, and when the inspector pointed it out we threw it away. How many bad veggies do you toss?…

“You really need to assess your role and service to NYC. I guess Bloomberg assigned you a quota, just wait till I see him… again… What do you think? Post your messages to Mike Bloomberg, the root cause…”