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Shannon Tweed Storms Off Joy Behar Set After Gene Simmons Jokes About Infidelity

It looks like Gene Simmons’ 28-year relationship with partner Shannon Tweed is about to come to an end. Problems between the couple were evident during an interview on HLN’s The Joy Behar Show, and when Simmons’ tried to make light of them Tweed stormed off set.
After Simmons admitted to “philandering ways” in the past, Behar showed a clip in which she was talking about Simmons’ claim of sleeping with 5,000 women. “How’s your back, Gene?” she joked.
Tweed got angry when Simmons joked back. “That’s very nice for you to joke about it,” she said as she took off her microphone and walked off set. “F— off.”
“I was just joking because she’s a comedian,” Simmons replied.
Simmons and Tweeds problems will be featured on the remaining episodes of their reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Season 5