Lady Gaga. Madonna

Lady Gaga Denies Feud

Lady Gaga has laughed off rumors she is embroiled in a feud with Madonna.

The Poker Face hitmaker has long credited the Queen of Pop with inspiring her to be a performer, and Gaga has revealed Madonna has offered her advice since she shot to fame in 2008.

However, reports surfaced suggesting tension between the pair after Madonna allegedly replied, “Lady Who?” when asked about the star at a recent screening of her new film, W.E.

But Gaga is adamant there are no underlying issues between the two chart rivals.

She tells Britain’s Sunday Mirror, “Madonna is a wonderful influence on me. I feel blessed to have grown up with a powerful, blonde woman to show us the ropes. It’s all down to her that I’m able to do what I do.”

“I really like her new single too. The one that was leaked. There’s no problem between us.”