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Julian Lennon Discusses His Father’s Legacy on Larry King Now!

Julian Lennon was a special guest on this week’s Larry King Now. Watch this revealing interview about his 15 year hiatus, his new album Everything Changes rekindling his passion and why growing up with an iconic father was not a fairytale!

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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Still Friends Following Split

Jenny McCarthy is pleased her split from Jim Carrey was amicable — because the two stars are still great friends.

The couple ended their five-year romance earlier this year (Apr10), announcing the news to followers on their pages.
Actress/model McCarthy admits their relationship had run its course, insisting there was no drama involved in the split – and she’s thankful to Carrey for his support in raising her autistic son, Evan.
She tells U.S. news show Larry King Live, “Everything that we talked about in terms of, admiration for one another and respect and love was absolutely true and is true. In the moments, there were some great times.
“I’m so grateful for him standing by me through those autism years, and being so kind to Evan, and being an amazing boyfriend. But like with a lot of relationships in Hollywood, you don’t necessarily see what goes on when things aren’t maybe so great.
“The key that didn’t work was probably us both growing and changing like everyone does in opposite directions. And we kind of got to that point, rather quickly towards the end that said, you know what? We’re both seeing that maybe we’re not going in the same direction anymore. And let’s end in peace, not war.” McCarthy also reveals why the couple announced their split on Twitter, adding, “We got a phone call that said the magazines are coming out tomorrow. They found out. And so we both decided to do it on our own terms. We didn’t want to go through the media machine like when celebrities break up, you have to like make a statement, go through the press wire… we just said let’s do it in the new social media world… bow out gracefully with a lot of respect.”