Lion Whispsperer

Kevin Richardson is "the Lion Whisperer" White Lion Film Coming to Theaters October 15

Have you heard about the live action family adventure film White Lion  coming out in select theaters across the county October 15th? The survival story of a white lion cub in the African wilderness, White Lion is a tale reminiscent of such classics as the The Lion King and March of The Penguins. The film marks the first production entirely about lions and starring real lions from South Africa. White Lion was shot on location at a wilderness preserve along the Crocodile River outside of the city of Johannesburg.

Kevin Richardson, known to most as the “Lion Whisperer” served as Producer / Animal Wrangler on the film. What distinguishes Richardson-a zoologist and animal behavioralist is his extremely unique approach to training some the most dangerous animals in the world. That is to say, rather than the common methods of breaking the animal’s spirit with sticks and chains, Richardson uses love, understanding and trust.

As seen in the video below, Richardson has developed some exceptionally personal bonds with his ‘students’; he sleeps with lions and swims with lionesses. The core of Richardson’s philosophy is that he must get to know the particular personality of each animal-what makes them angry, happy, upset, irritated-just like a mother with her child.
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Hard to believe what you see, isn’t it?!