Living Proof: The Farewell Tour

Cher Not Ready To Retire

Cher can’t imagine retiring any time soon.

The 67-year-old singer has been at the forefront of the music industry for the past 50 years, but despite rumours her new album ‘Closer To The Truth’ could be her last, she insists she still hasn’t reached the limit of her ambitions.

Quizzed whether she would release another record, Cher said: ”I guess it depends on what happens with this one. I won’t be doing this forever for sure but I do have dreams to fulfill that I haven’t even dreamt yet. There’s no end to idea and things you want to do.”

In 2003, Cher embarked on a ‘Farewell’ tour, but she is going back on the road next year because she feels the time is right.

She explained: ”I really thought it was [my last tour]. It didn’t seem like I had anything else to say. But I really like this album and if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Even though its 11 years since my last record, I’ve been doing it for 50 years, so it feels natural.”

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Will There Be a New Cher 2012 Album And Tour?

Our favorite superstar Cher is set to seal her pop comeback this year (12) with a new tour and her first album in more than a decade.

The Believe hitmaker’s last record Living Proof was released in 2001, and she declared Living Proof: The Farewell Tour would be her last trek.

She later signed up for a three-year Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum theatre, and last year (11) she revealed she was working on a new album.

The as-yet-untitled record is set to hit shelves this year (12), and Cher has thrilled fans by revealing she wants to accompany the release with a tour.

When asked by a follower on if her new album is finished yet, she replied, “God no, but it will b (sic) out this year, maybe to coincide with (X (cross) Our Fingers) Tour?!”