Lady Gaga – Gaga Rocks Out At Lollapalooza

Lady Gaga stunned fans at the Lollapalooza festival on Friday (06Aug10) after crashing the Semi Precious Weapons set to play drums and stage-dive into the crowd.

The pop superstar appeared onstage with the band, a support act on her recent Monster Ball tour, hours before her own headlining performance at the Chicago, Illinois event.

Gaga, wearing only a fishnet top and tights, proceeded to jam with the rockers – before leaping into the audience below.

Frontman Justin Tranter tells, “She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song “Magnetic Baby”, she started playing drums with Dan.

“Then she started singing backup vocals, then her and I made out (kissed), and then she stagedove and then I joined her while she stage-dove.

“And then we made out while stagediving. And then she left. It was pretty amazing.

“She used to get onstage with us all the time, but since she’s so famous, normally it’s not safe for her but I think she was so excited that she was overwhelmed by the rock and roll and just had to make it happen.”

Later that night, the Poker Face hitmaker commanded thousands of fans from her own custom-built stage, where she recalled her debut at the music event in 2007 when she was a little-known singer.

Gaga admitted her set had been dubbed a “trainwreck” but told fans not to listen to critics, shouting: “You’re a f**king superstar. You were born that way!”

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