Los Angeles County Morgue. Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan Shows Up Early To Morgue

Actress Lindsay Lohan arrived on time to her court-ordered community service at a morgue Friday, after nearly jeopardizing her probation one day earlier by turning up late and being refused entry.
The troubled star dressed somberly in black and arrived prior to her 7 a.m. start at the Los Angeles County Morgue to begin court-ordered community service, performing tasks such as cleaning toilets, mopping floors and emptying trash bins.
The “Mean Girls” actress, 25, had been on probation as part of her sentence for stealing a gold necklace from a jewelry store earlier this year, but Wednesday, a judge revoked probation after she failed to adequately serve her community service punishment at a women’s center in Los Angeles.
The judge sent Lohan, instead, to the morgue and set a new hearing for November 2, to decide if Lohan in fact violated probation and, as a result, could go to jail.
Lohan had been scheduled to begin work at the morgue Thursday, but was late. Her spokesman blamed the tardiness on confusion over the morgue’s entrance location and the media gathered outside.