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TV Watch: Lady Gaga Talks Molly Use, Lesbians, Miley and More!

Lady Gaga didn’t “plead the fifth” at all when it came to Andy Cohen’s questions. In fact, the Applause singer was more than willing to discuss her drug use and sex life on Wednesday night’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

Cohen asked, “What is the most interesting place you’ve taken a ride on a disco stick?” This, of course, is in reference to one of her lines in Love Games where she refers to the male anatomy as a “disco stick.” Gaga, 27, answered with the “most fun” place she’s had sex, admitting that it was in the woods. Blushing a bit, she adds, “[It was] on the floor, in the grass!”

Moving onto her drug use, the late-night host asked Gaga when was the last time she partook in Molly, a form of ecstasy. “I think maybe it’s hard to remember,” she said while laughing. Admitting that she did it a lot in her “raver days,” the singer says now she wouldn’t encourage it. “Be careful with Molly,” Gaga instructs.

Source: CBS News

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