Love Notes

Love Notes From Katy Perry and Keith Urban Are Most Desired This Valentine’s Day

A nationwide survey results which found what singers Americans would most like to receive a love note from this Valentine’s Day. Of U.S. males who selected a provided female singer, Katy Perry came out on top with 34% of the vote while Keith Urban won 45% of the female vote.

At a time when people are racking their brains for something new and exciting to give to their significant other, results of this nationwide survey also uncovered what lovers truly want – dinner at a nice restaurant (57%), a hand-written love note (44%) and a home-cooked meal (38%).

The online survey of 2,541 U.S. adults ages 18 and older was conducted by Harris Interactive® on behalf of Zebra Pen Corp., leaders in the writing instrument industry for more than 110 years.

The survey also found the below listed celebrity singers most captured America’s hearts:

· Taylor Swift (29%)

· Beyoncé (21%)

· Lady Gaga (9%)

· Adele (6%)

· Bruno Mars (24%)

· Steven Tyler (19%)

· Jay-Z (6%)

· Justin Bieber (5%)

Other gifts ranked in the survey include:

· Flowers (29%)

· Jewelry (29%)

· Chocolates (28%)

· Spa treatment (26%)

· Cologne/Perfume (21%)

· Nothing (15%)

· Other (8%)