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Best Bet: Luke Perry Returns In ‘Goodnight For Justice: The Measure OF A Man’ On 1/28

When the Hallmark Movie Channel Original “Goodnight For Justice” starring Luke Perry premiered last January, it became the highest rated night in the network’s history.  Hallmark immediately put into action the sequel featuring the character of John Goodnight created by Perry himself.  “Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of the Man” has Perry returning to the popular role of Goodnight, a respectable Circuit Court Judge often tested by the lawlessness of the Old West.  The thing is, Goodnight once was a fun-loving lawyer himself, so he knows all of the tricks of that trade.  The one thing he can’t stand more than anything else is arrogant attorneys.  In this new film, our hero finds himself having to face down a malicious prosecutor named Lucius Breed (Eric Keenleyside).  The only good news is that he’s suddenly linked up again with a former flame from his Chicago days named Callie (Stefanie von Pfetten) whom he learns is now widowed.  But romance has to be put on hold after he witnesses a deadly bank robbery headed by the masked outlaw Deke Spralding (Teach Grant) and his band of fellow bandits.  Goodnight catches only one of the criminals, a young kid named Will (Cameron Bright) who turns out to be Callie’s son.  And now the townspeople are demanding that Will be hanged for the crime.  Can Goodnight restore common sense and see that justice is done?  We’re going out on a limb and saying, “Yes!”. 


Jason Priestley Directs Luke Perry In "Goodnight For Justice" 1/29 On Hallmark Movie Channel

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Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark

“90210” alum Luke Perry (“A Fine Step,” “A Gunfighter’s Pledge”) and Jason Priestley (“Call Me Fitz,” “Expecting A Miracle”) reunite in the making of the Hallmark Movie Channel Original Film, “Goodnight For Justice,” which is slated to premiere on the network, Saturday, January 29 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Luke Perry is Executive Producer and lead star of the film whose character Judge John Goodnight, a Circuit Judge, renders justice with a perfect persuasion of eloquence and deadly aim. Jason Priestley reunites with his friend of many years to direct the film, whose main character, Judge Goodnight was created by Perry.

In a stagecoach, a young boy creates an eidetic memory of his childhood, each sight and sound of all the days of his life recalled with stunning accuracy: Waiting outside a General Store; a candy barrel filled with peppermints; his mother and father, defeated, but still proud, hold hands as they talk about giving up the hardscrabble land they tried to call home and the excitement of new beginnings back East; an eloquent Circuit Judge, Aldous Shaw, and his elegantly-dressed wife offer solace to the Goodnight family; the judge’s six-gun and rich leather holster gleam in the sun; the slow hum of good conversation mixed with hoofbeats; out of nowhere, noise, confusion, a brilliant flash; six masked outlaws surround the coach; gunfire explodes without cessation; horses flail; Judge Shaw is felled by a pearl-handled knife; carriage overturns with deadly force; bullets fly; all are lost, except the boy and the Judge’s wife who will become his surrogate mother.

The boy who hid in weeds to save his own life is now a man who walks with grandeur and purpose. He is, a Circuit Judge, hell-bent on justice.

“Goodnight for Justice” is an Entertainment One Production in association with Randolph Films. John Morayniss, Ira Pincus and Luke Perry are Executive Producers. Producer is Randy Cheveldave and Supervising Producer is Tashi Bieler. Jason Priestley directs from a script by Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky.