Dame Helen Mirren’s Shock At Best Body Title

Dame Helen Mirren has expressed her shock at landing the Best Body in Showbiz title in a new poll.
The veteran star, 66, beat younger stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Brook to top the new survey compiled by U.K. gym chain LA Fitness last month (Aug11).
Supermodel Elle MACpherson came in second, while Brook, Lopez and British singer Cheryl Cole rounded out the top five.

Mirren admits the accolade made her “feel great” – but the actress is adamant she isn’t worthy of the title.

She tells WENN, “The kindness of strangers. I don’t know how that happened because it’s absolutely not true, if you know what I mean.
“It was very, very sweet and very gratefully received, I have to say. You know, it made me feel great… for about five hours, and then I looked at myself and thought, ‘No… No!'”