ROCK REPORT: Death Cab For Cutie Mull Over Adding Orchestra To Tour

Death Cab for Cutie are thinking over whether or not to hit the road with orchestral accompaniment for their next tour. Speaking with Billboard, guitarist Chris Wallaspoke on the possibilities—and difficulties—of taking a string section on the road.

“The idea is still on the table. It would be really fun to take Magik*Magik Orchestra out. But unfortunately, it is kind of nightmare to try and figure it out.”

Magik*Magik, a San Francisco-based orchestral collective, figured heavily on Death Cab’s latest album, Codes and Keys. Walla added that financial considerations would have to be factored into their decision:
“You can make a living or you can play with an orchestra. They’re totally mutually exclusive.”
Death Cab will begin the second leg of their tour in Columbus, Ohio on July 27.