Malibu California

Cher Lives A Hermit’s Life

Actress/singer Cher rarely ventures outside of her luxury mansion in Malibu, California because modern technology means she is photographed wherever she goes.

The Burlesque star becomes frustrated when she is snapped by fans while out and about, and the advent of camera phones means she cannot even face a trip to the cinema as she will be the focus of attention.

She tells Britain’s Hello! magazine, “It was a different industry back when I started out. In those days people were much more polite and they weren’t trying to get a picture of you looking crazy… (Now) you have no privacy as everyone has a camera phone so you have to give up part of your life for it. Everyone has Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…

“I don’t go out that much. I have to really pick my places but I don’t get it as bad as other people. Like when I learned how to paddleboard in Hawaii, I don’t really want people taking my picture. I was at the movie theatre then looked around and my God, everybody is on their telephone taking pictures. And then you’re all over the world in two seconds on the Internet and usually they’re terrible pictures.”

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