Mark Geragos


XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE’s interview tonight with celebrity attorney MARK GERAGOS (promoting his new book with Pat Harris, Mistrial: An Inside Look At How The Criminal Justice System Works … And Sometimes Doesn’t) resulted in a few revelations from the famous barrister, who’s represented everyone from Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Winona Ryder, Mike Tyson, and Scott Peterson.

Winterble asked him about the inherent pressure as a celebrity trail looms. Geragos said, “You’ve got to trust your game … and, keep a laser focus.” Winterble also asked him about the jury in a bold-faced names situation, saying usually “You’re dealing with a jury that tried to get out of jury duty.” Geragos replied, “It’s somewhat reversed, where you have a jury really fixated on getting involved with a celebrity trial. I remember during the Robert Blake trial (who Gerragos briefly represented), there was a juror holding a self-made CD outside the court.”

Partner Pat Harris said that “The justice system is often at odds with the legal system; we remind every client we’ll get you through the legal system.”