Mark Zuckerman

Jesse Eisenberg Thrilled By Zuckerman Meeting

Jesse Eisenberg was “overwhelmed” to meet Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman during an episode of Saturday Night Live – as the internet mogul congratulated him in his Oscar nomination for The Social Network.

The actor portrays Zuckerberg in the acclaimed movie and the performance has earned him a Best Actor Academy Award nomination.
The pair met for the first time this weekend (29-30Jan11) after the entrepreneur agreed to make an appearance with the star on the U.S. comedy sketch show.
And Eisenberg was pleased to finally meet the man he played onscreen, telling Access Hollywood, “It was wonderful. I was so thrilled that he agreed to come and do that with me. It was the perfect place to meet for the first time. We were both so overwhelmed to be there. We were both equally nervous to be on live TV. He has such a wonderful sense of humour about the whole thing…
“The fact that he would agree to come on Saturday Night Live was a testament to his good feelings about the whole thing. We were both so thankful that the other one was so open to working in that way under very unique circumstances.” When asked whether Zuckerberg congratulated him on his Oscar nod, Eisenberg replied, “Yeah. He was so sweet about everything.”