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TMW Interview: Paul Mormando’s Talks Double Fist Film and Mark Walhberg

Brooklyn born-martial artist PAUL MORMANDO is completing his first-movie, Double Fist and we had a chance to sit with him and reflect on the genre becoming a national fascination again:

“I hope it’s my film that helps foster that general re-emergence! But, on a serious note, martial arts/action films have had a huge success over the years, mostly because I believe people love to live vicariously through the eyes of the martial artists who are able to fight multiple people and are seen as invincible. The fact that martial arts films have fluctuated in substance is a big reason for their success. If you look at the films in the 70’s, they were a lot more karate and kung fu oriented, and somewhat unrealistic, Nowadays, you have films that appeals more to the audience’s intelligence, such as the Bourne Ultimatum.”

Tell us about your experience with actor Mark Walhberg aka Marky Mark back in the day; who, incidentally, had the #1 movie this past weekend with Lone Survivor.

“Mark was originally slated to appear in this film as my brother 20 years ago, this was supposed to be his film debut. I had seen him in his video, and loved his song, “Good Vibrations,” so we reached out to him. Mark is a great talent, and also a talented producer.”

Mormando adds, “We expect the film to be finished by March; we’ll cut a deal and hopefully have it out at the end of the year. This is one of the most amazing projects I have ever worked on, because it has enabled me to have total creative control and take my vision from paper to screen.”

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