Max’s Kansas City

At Max’s Kansas City, Sid Vicious Did it His Way….

Hey, old-time Max’s Kansas City fans… The NY Post recently ran an awesome piece exploring Sid & Nancy-related spots around the city, with 213 Park Ave S., former home to Max’s Kansas City, at its center. Check it out: 

Sid Vicious played most of his post-Sex Pistols gigs at Max’s, including his final public performance.  

A list of the famous and infamous who took the stage at Max’s can be viewed here: 
Pretty cool stuff, don’t ya think?


What If The Famed NYC Max’s Kansas City Never Existed?…

Max’s Kansas City was the place where the art, music and fashion worlds collided. It provided a breeding ground for artistic expression – “the intersection of everything” according to William S. Burroughs. Lionized friendships where cultivated, bold collaborations where birthed and cultural milestones all happened within the walls of the two-story bar on Park Avenue and 17th St. Let’s take a look at what the world would be like if Max’s never existed….

* The 
Velvet Underground’s seminal album ‘Live At Max’s Kansas City’ would not have been made. The album was recorded by Andy Warhol and Bridgid Polk during a nine week engagement at the venue. Author Jim Carroll can be heard speaking on the album, ordering drinks and inquiring about drugs between songs.

* The storied venue was one of the places where glam rock was born.
 David Bowie recalled:“I met Iggy Pop at Max’s Kansas City in 1970 or 1971… Me, Iggy and Lou Reed at one table with absolutely nothing to say to each other, just looking at each other’s eye makeup.”
* Art by Donald JuddLarry PoonsForrest Myers and John Chamberlain wouldn’t have been seen together in any one public room including Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light sculpture which provided the blood red lighting of Max’s notorious “Back Room.”
Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith would have had one less place to hang out. Mapplethorpe reportedly dragged Smith to the venue in hopes to meet his idol, Andy Warhol. The two would sit on the Park Avenue curb outside the venue hoping to be let in… eventually they became welcome partons sitting alongside Andy Warhol at the famed round table where he held court.

* New Wave giant 
Blondie might never have formed. Before she made it big, frontwomanDebbie Harry was busy waiting tables at Max’s, soaking in the music vibes from bands likeThe New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers.

The B-52’s might never have made it big. As lead singer Fred Schneider recalls, “The first time we played Max’s, we didn’t even ask if they wanted us back. We were so excited, we felt like we had done it. We’d made it, you know?” Undiscovered musicians such as Bruce SpringsteenMadonna and Aerosmith also played pivotal early gigs at Max’s before e arning their iconic status.

This fall, Max’s experience will be reborn with a new book 
‘MAX’S KANSAS CITY: Art, Glamour, Rock and Roll’ (Abrams Image; September 2010) and exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery, Chelsea, NY; followed by documentary film about the legendary venue and experiences, and more later in the year. 
The Max’s Kansas City Company picks up where the original venue left off, serving as the voice of authority on avant-culture and creating experiences that foster an exclusive atmosphere of downtown chic and creativity. News on other new projects will be revealed soon. Visit for frequent updates and to explore the past, present and future of Max’s Kansas City.