Mayor Bloomberg

Giuliani Praises Bloomberg on Brett Winterble

In an exclusive interview on Sirius/XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW (who lived in New York, from 93-98 and praised The Mayor as the best one ever!) that aired last night, Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani reminds that he signed the first pro-gay rights bill in NYC and expanded on it. “Discrimination is sick.”

Giuliani, as feisty as ever, still has praise for current-Mayor Bloomberg. “I applaud him for staying out of the Chick-fil-A situation, although I wish he stay out of the Coca Cola, Pepsi soda situation.”

Stumping for Romney at events, Giuliani says that 70%-75% of the public says we’re heading in the wrong direction; claims President Obama leads by following; and, that the President is the reason we are not recovering.”

Giuliani says that on his last race for mayor, he ran on his record. Obama, he says, is running away from his record.