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Michael Jackson Sought Home Advice From Donny Osmond

Michael Jackson used to call Donny Osmond and quiz him about his home life in an effort to learn the key to balancing his family and his career.

The Puppy Love hitmaker reveals the King of Pop would confide in him about his struggles with fame and would regularly ask for advice.

Osmond tells the New York Daily News, “I’ve been in show business for 50 years, and the secret is stability, and that is home. What my wife, Debbie Osmond, has created at home gives me a foundation so that I can go back out in this crazy world…

“Michael Jackson would call me once in a while and ask me, ‘How do you live your home life?’ Michael would always say, ‘What’s your home life like?’ He never had that kind of stability.

“He tried. I knew Mike so well, and I would go over to his house. It was all about gold records, it was all about accolades.

“You walk into my home, you wouldn’t find a gold record on the wall. You would find pictures of my kids, pictures of the grandkids. That is what home is all about. If you can keep your perspective there, your feet stay on the ground.”

Osmond pays tribute to the late superstar nightly during his Las Vegas residency with his sister Marie.

Jackson died in 2009.


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