Mother Monster Story Time

Lady Gaga Reads To Her Fans From Photo Book

Lady Gaga‘s Terry Richardson-shot photo book hits stores in less than a week, and as such, she’s decided to give her fans a sneak peek — with a little Mother Monster Story Time.

In a new video posted on her YouTube channel, Gaga reads the intro she penned for the book, an essay about her relationship with Richardson that’s long on literary flourish and also serves as an examination of self, not to mention a rallying cry for those on the fringes of society. It is, to say the very least, very Gaga.

Reclining on a couch in a black, sequined outfit (with matching chapeau), LG cracks the tome — which, she notes, is “dedicated to the Little Monsters, naturally” — and pores over her prose. And somewhere, Terry Richardson is undoubtedly blushing.

“Sometimes it seems as though I’ve waited my entire life to be photographed by Terry Richardson. With Terry, the relationship extends beyond the photograph, and if you’re lucky, he will teach you something truly profound about yourself,” she reads. “I have discovered through him that shame is an obsolete notion and apology is an injustice to any performance. … To say he is a free spirit is a tremendous understatement and to say that he, or I, make people uncomfortable is spot on.