Mott The Hoople

Aerosmith’s TV Prank On Tour Mates Backfired

Aerosmith once pulled the ultimate rock star prank on touring pals Mott the Hoople by trashing their hotel room and locking them inside.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry admits they got up to all kinds of mischief when they were on the road with Ian Hunter’s band and one post-show project included trying to fit everything in a hotel suite through a TV frame.

Tyler recalls, “We sat there and we were bored to tears after the show and there was a TV set, of course, and we thought, ‘What can we do?’ So, we’re gonna take everything in the room and try to fit it through the television screen… and we did that. It took us about three hours – the bed, everything.”

Perry adds, “One of the rules is you can’t use tools; you gotta use ingenuity, take stuff apart… We did it a few times and it was fun, but when you start getting the bill the next day…”

And Tyler tells U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel the fun stopped after police caught up with Aerosmith at an airport.

He explains, “They (Mott the Hoople) all fell asleep because we were bliss drunk (and) I went and locked the door… and went out through the window, locked the door from the inside. So, in the morning when they opened up the door to the police or whoever, we wouldn’t get blamed.

“(But) sure enough, we got to the airport and the police greeted us.”