Moving In

MTV Puts an End to Relationship Drama With Two New Shows Starting Monday, November 1

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This fall MTV will air two series featuring young people at crossroads in their romantic relationships with the third season return of Is She Really Going Out With Him?” and the new series “Moving In” airing Monday’s through Thursday’s beginning November 1 at 4:00pm and 4:30pm ET/PT respectively. “Moving In” turns dating rules upside down when parents are asked by their kids to decide who they should continue dating and “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” will show what happens when girls face the decision of whether or not they should ditch their loser partners.

MTV also announced today that it has renewed afternoon favorites “Silent Library,” the outrageous, non-traditional game show for 30 new episodes and the critically acclaimed, life altering, Emmy Award winning series “Made” returns with 20 fresh episodes. All new episodes of “Made” and Silent Library” are slated to premiere during Q1 2011.

Moving In (4:00pm ET/PT)

Putting a new twist on the saying “father knows best,” this new series will feature a girl or guy caught in a love triangle that they would like to end by choosing one of the people that they have been dating. In each episode, a suitor thinks they are going to spend a romantic weekend alone until another suitor arrives. Later, their love interests’ parents return to help decide which suitor is right for their son or daughter. After negotiating the rules of the weekend, the parents put the houseguests through a series of outrageous challenges to help determine who has what it takes to win their son or daughter’s heart. At the end of the weekend, the parents will make the final decision of which match is right for their child, and send the other packing.

Is She Really Going Out With Him? (4:30pm ET/PT)

“Is She Really Going Out With Him?” is the hilarious relationship show with a comedic twist that attempts to unravel the mystery behind why some young women with seemingly everything in their corner have fallen in love with complete losers. From Boston to Phoenix, this season the series will visit brand new cities to seek out brand new blockheads. Each episode will take a comedic look at one ticking time bomb relationship to examine why each beauty is going out with such a tool and see if the love they share is strong enough to lead to a storybook ending. With their trusted BFF in tow, our ladies will decide if they will ride it out with their clueless cutie or show them the door.