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Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Inspired By Ren & Stimpy Show Creator’s Designs

International superstar Miley Cyrus is turning her imminent tour into a life size episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

The 21 year-old singer is set to kick off her Bangerz world next month and she has now revealed the production design is inspired by the work of John K, creator of the animated TV series.

Cyrus reveals she has been talking to the artist about her ideas, and “his art is driving a lot of the tour”, adding, “Our whole tour is literally based on animals!… imaginative animals he’s made on his own.”

Speaking during a press conference, she also declared she will be giving away plenty of free merchandise to fans during the shows: “I’m a little bit of a hoarder, so I hope my fans become hoarders. I want to give them real things to collect. I’ll have things falling out of the sky that most people would sell at the merch table.”

“This is my mom’s worst nightmare, because I always hoard things from when I go to concerts… all the kids always want to keep the confetti, but I want to give them real things to collect.”

The tour kicks off in Vancouver on February 14th.

Check out the MTV interview below to find out more on what to expect from Miley’s new tour. Will you be going?

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MTV: Lady Gaga Unveils ARTPOP Cover— Will It Make Her Forever ‘Iconic’?

In her ARTPOP single “Applause,” Lady Gaga sings: “One second I’m a Koons fan, then suddenly the Koons is me” — a statement that came true when she revealed her album art Monday (October 7).

The Jeff Koons-designed cover features a statue of Gaga created by the artist, immortalizing Mother Monster in his art. This team-up proves Gaga isn’t just a “flash in the pan,” curator and Koons scholar Lynne Warren told MTV News.

“Jeff is very — he just has this sort of laser sense about popular culture,” Warren told MTV News. Unlike Andy Warhol, who was prone to depicting those who enjoyed the proverbial “15 minutes of fame” in his art, Warren said that Koons is more discerning about his subjects. Example? Koons also created a statue of King of Pop Michael Jackson in the late ’80s.

“Jeff seems to have really good senses to choose people who are not only at the height of their careers, but are going to be iconic,” Warren said. “They won’t be remembered just because he made art out of them, they will be remembered on for their own contributions. He must feel like Lady Gaga is not going to be a flash in the pan.”

Gaga revealed the art — which features a nude statue of the singer surrounded by a deconstructed image of Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus,” a shiny lawn ornament between her legs — on her website and billboards around the world. The statue will make its debut on November 10 at an ARTPOP album release party.


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MTV: Miley Cyrus Surprises With Her ‘Bangerz’ Release Day Looks

If you fell into a deep sleep for over 24 hours and somehow missed it, you should know that Miley Cyrus‘ highly-anticipated album, Bangerz, was released yesterday. Last night was the official record signing and release party, a.k.a. 2 opportunities for Miley to show off dem abs.

Her first look featured a number of her fave things: white on white, a crop top, T.U.K Creepers, and pasties. The pasties were not merely circles like she wore a few weeks ago, but giant stars. It is her release, after all: special occasions call for special pasties. She also has on the diamond-encrusted chain link necklace she wore on SNL this weekend because, LBR, if you had that necklace, you’d wear it to everything too. Oh, also, because yesterday was, weather-wise, the first real day of fall in NYC, Miles swapped her preferred hotpants and tanktops for distressed white jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. The sheerness probably isn’t helping with the insulation, but how else would everyone know she’s upgraded her pasty game?

For her release party at The General in NYC, where there were performers from Beacher’s Madhouse in LA, X-rated balloon artists, and dancers in elephant and bear costumes (duh), Miley changed into a pink, satin bra and matching high-waisted miniskirt. It gets hot in the club, y’all, she can’t be wearing long pants and long sleeves! We haven’t seen this much color on Miley since she wore an altered Jordan jersey in the ’23’ video. First long pants, now color, what’s next, an full-length shirt?

Source: MTV

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Katy Perry Reveals ‘Radiant’ Prism Cover

Hours after she premiered her jungle-themed video for “Roar,” Katy Perry woke up early on Friday (September 6) to appear on “Good Morning America” to debut her Prism album cover.

The simple cover art for the October 22 release features the singer standing in the rainbow-hued sunlight. “I shot it with this amazing New York photographer named Ryan McGinley. And I just wanted it to be pure and radiant and full of light,” she said on “GMA” about the image, which she shot in upstate New York.

“The reason why I named the record Prism is because, you know, for a minute I was going through a transitional period in my life. It was a little bit dark, yes, but it was kind of like what they call your return of Saturn; it’s when you’re about to go into your 30s and you actually have to be an adult,” she explained. “But, you know, I embrace the light. I let the light in and it influenced all my songs and then I get to kind of beam the light out to all my fans through these songs. I want to make people happy, and smile.”

Source: MTV

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Hit-And-Run Accident

Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Wednesday morning in New York after allegedly clipping a pedestrian with her car and leaving the scene.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department told MTV News that Lohan was pulling into a parking garage in her Porsche Cayenne around 2 a.m. at a low rate of speed when she clipped the knee of a 30-something man walking by. One of the passengers in the car reportedly got out, checked the vehicle for damage and then the group parked and proceeded into the Dream Hotel in downtown.

After an unknown person called police officers arrested Lohan when she emerged from the Dream Hotel around 2:30 a.m. The police spokesperson said Lohan was booked for a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury and released with a desk appearance ticket, which does not require posting bail. She was ordered to return for a hearing on the matter at a later date. Read more>>

Video Watch: Whitney Houston’s Final Performance

Whitney Houston, the iconic vocal powerhouse who ruled MTV and the recording industry throughout the ’80s and ’90s with gospel-infused R&B/pop crossover hits such as “Greatest Love Of All” and “I Will Always Love You,” died yesterday (Feb. 11) at the age of 48. 

Her influence resonates on a generation of singers who cite her as an inspiration, from Mariah Carey to Christina Aguilera to Beyonce.

Just two days before her passing, the singer gave what would be her last performance on Thursday night (Feb. 9) at a pre-Grammy party with friend and collaborator, R&B singer Kelly Price. MTV News has exclusive video from that performance. We invite you to watch it and share your condolences with Whitney’s family and friends on our Facebook page.

Watch her final  performance here>>

Source: MTV News

Lady Gaga Steals Spotlight At Cannes Film Festival

If anyone could divert attention from the A-listers at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s Lady Gaga. On Wednesday night, the pop star touched down at the festival to perform a waterfront concert on the Riviera for the French TV show “Le Grand Journal.”

Before the live event, Gaga took to the streets of Cannes wearing a studded leather vest with “Born This Way” emblazoned on the back. She completed the look with a choker, bra and a two-toned hairstyle.

Gaga then took the stage for a live performance of her hit single “Judas.” With the Mediterranean as her backdrop, Gaga treated thousands of fans to a memorable, high-energy performance, accompanied by a retinue of male dancers.

“It’s beautiful; it’s very, very busy, but it’s really nice to be here.” Gaga told the adoring crowd. “It was so lovely performing with the ocean. I would’ve liked to have jumped in after the performance!”

Source: MTV News

‘Odd’ Katy Perry

Katy Perry‘s stylist wanted her to look “odd” in her video for ‘E.T.’

Carol Beadle – who worked alongside director Floria Sigismondi to create the singer’s outlandish and unearthly look in the video – explained Katy’s outfits were inspired by “jellyfish and amoebas”.

She said: “I just wanted Katy to look really odd, unreal if we could, but still fashionable. I was looking at jellyfishes and amoebas; those words were constantly used and we wanted it to look like a flash of an amoeba and then it coming to life.

“To make it look 2011, it has to have a context and a reference point.”

While she did take the ‘Firework’ hitmaker’s body shape and style into account when designing the kooky pieces, Carol admitted the main aim of the video was to tell the story of an extra-terrestrial romance.

She added to MTV News: “I tried to see her body type and her personality and how she’s perceived but, really, the main focus was on the director and I and making the story work and making her the lead.

“I designed her first outfit and last outfit. With the first one, we wanted her to look like she was on fire and falling from the sky.”

Watch Katy Perry’s Spacey ‘E.T.’ Video!

Photo: Courtesy of EMI
First Britney Spears went all Matrixin her video for “Hold It Against Me.” Then Lady Gaga gave birth to a new generation of Little Monsters in her “Born This Way” video. Now, Katy Perry has ventureed into the realm of sci-fi with her cinematic video, “E.T.”

Kanye West guests on the spacey dance track, which Perry says is about “falling in love with a foreigner, like far away … Not even in England.” And the video brings that theme to life, as alien goddess Perry floats down from space in a search-and-rescue mission for her lost love. 

Source: MTV News
E.T. (feat. Kanye West)