Nadya Suleman

Octomom Files For Bankruptcy, Says She’s Ready For Porn

Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” filed for bankruptcy on Monday, April 30, saying that she owes $1 million in debt.

“I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter 7 was one of them,” Suleman said in a statement. “But I have to do what is best for my children and I need a fresh start.”

The mother of 14 turned down a 2009 offer by a pornographer to pay her mortgage ($1 million) in return for her signature on a movie contract.

She turned down the offer at the time, but now tells HLN that: “If it’s a job, and it’s a well-paying job, and it’s going to allow me to get us out of here and into a very safe huge home that they deserve, then I’m going to do it.”