Nicolas Cage

The Croods Take The Top Spot At The U.S. Box Office

The film, featuring the voices of Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage, has edged out Gerard Butler’s new action movie, Olympus Has Fallen, which opens at number two with $30.5 million (£19 million).
Former number one film Oz The Great & Powerful falls to three, while Halle Berry’s new thriller The Call and Tina Fey’s comedy Admission debut at four and five, respectively.
The Croods also reigns supreme at the international box office – the family film has opened with $63.3 million (£39.5 million) outside America in 86 territories.


Superman Comic For Record $2.1 Million At Auction

Nicolas Cage’s copy of the first Superman comic sold for $2.1 million at auction on Wednesday, breaking the currentworld record of a comic sold at auction (which previously stood at $1.5 million).

The comic, which was published in 1938 and originally sold for 10 cents, is one of approximately 100 copies of the Action No. 1 comic in existence, of which only a few are in good condition. Cage’s copy sold in nearly-pristine condition. The book was recently assigned a grade of 9.0 by the Certified Guaranty Company, making it the highest graded copy of the comic currently available.

The comic was stolen from Cage’s home in 2000 and found in April by a man who bought an abandoned storage locker and found the comic in the storage unit.

Nicolas Cage Returns To Work Following Arrest

Troubled actor Nicolas Cage has returned to work two days after he was arrested on domestic violence charges after allegedly fighting with his wife on a Louisiana street.

The Kick-Ass star was arrested early on Saturday morning (April 16) after police were called to break up a loud altercation between the actor and his wife Alice Kim.

Cage was freed on bail, posted by reality TV star and Cage fan Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman, on Saturday afternoon.

And now the actor is attempting to put his woes behind him and get back to work on the set of new film Medallion in New Orleans.

A source, who confirms Cage was back at work on Monday (April 18), tells, “He is always extremely professional. He is a dedicated actor when he is at work, and I don’t think people would hire him so much if he wasn’t.”
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Dog The Bounty Hunter Bails Nicolas Cage Out of Jail

Photo: Courtesy of A&E

After being arrested in New Orleans over the weekend, Nicolas Cage was bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, confirmed in a statement to E! News he posted Cage’s $11,000 bond.

“I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy. I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living. There are two sides of my job: I release my clients after they have been arrested; and pick them up if they don’t show up in court. I do not believe the latter will be the case for Mr. Cage,” he said.

Cage, 47, was charged with domestic violence, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. Police took Cage in to custody after the National Treasure star argued with his wife, Alice Kim, about a house in the French Quarter. “Cage and his wife were standing in front of a residence that he insisted was the property the couple was renting. She disagreed, and Cage grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to what he believed was the correct address. There were no visible signs of injury on his wife’s arm,” the police department said in a statement.

“The actor then began striking vehicles and later attempted to get into a taxi. At that point, an officer who had been flagged down by onlookers drove up on the couple, immediately observed that Cage was heavily intoxicated and ordered him out of the cab, which prompted Cage to start yelling. The officers subsequently took Cage to Central Lock-up,” the department added.

Cage’s first court appearance is set for May 31.

Nicolas Cage Owes Gift Taxes to IRS

Nicolas Cage reportedly owes over $620,000 in unpaid gift taxes.
The ‘Drive Angry’ star is alleged to have given a total of $1.8 million to various people between 2004 and 2009, but did not pay the required taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Gossip website TMZ obtained a federal tax lien filed against Cage in Los Angeles County on March 17 which states the Hollywood actor owes $624,934.64 for his donations.
Under federal tax laws a 35 per cent tax must be paid by the giver on any large cash gifts.
In 2009, it was revealed Cage owed $14 million in unpaid taxes and fees for the years 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007.
In December 2010, the 47-year-old Hollywood actor made a $360,545 tax payment to the US government to cover owed back taxes from 2002 to 2004.
Cage has claimed he was led “down a path of financial ruin” by his former business manager Samuel Levin, who he sued for $20 million.
He filed the lawsuit against Levin in October 2009, claiming his ex-employee had caused him “catastrophic losses” by making bad investments but dropped the case in September 2010 after allegedly agreeing to settle out of court.
The actor has been beset by financial problems in recent months and in October 2010 he was ordered to pay over $2 million to the Nevada State Bank.
He owed $2,511,605.74 because of a loan he defaulted on, as well as unpaid taxes, legal costs and lawyer’s fees after his Las Vegas home was repossessed last year.