No Doubt

Gwen Stefani’s Married Life Hasn’t Been ‘Easiest Journey’

No Doubt star Gwen Stefani is “proud” to have maintained her long romance with husband Gavin Rossdale because it hasn’t always been a smooth ride.

The singer, who wed Rossdale in 2002, admits maintaining a strong relationship with the Bush frontman requires some effort.
Stefani tells the U.K. version of Elle Magazine, “I’ve been with Gavin for 14 years, and, let’s face it, that is a huge accomplishment. I feel so proud of that – it hasn’t been the easiest journey.”
The couple has two young sons together but that doesn’t stop the busy mom from trying to impress her husband.
She says, “I wear make-up every single day; I like to wear make-up for Gavin and I don’t feel energised till I’ve put it on, then I’m ready to go.”
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