Nowhere Man

Praise for Author Robert Rosen’s New Book, Beaver Street

“Robert Rosen was in the trenches of the porn industry 
for years, and he clearly took copious notes with his one 
free hand. His history of modern porn is entertaining, 
insightful, and hot.” 

Michael Musto, columnist, The Village Voice 

Photo: Marcia Resnick
ROBERT ROSEN, international bestselling author of the hugely controversial and influential John Lennon biography Nowhere Man, is back with Beaver Street, a hilarious ‘investigative memoir’ detailing his twenty years as a professional pornographer. The forthcoming title, published by Headpress, has already been exciting the likes of Vanity Fair and Village  Voice columnist Michael Musto. Rosen will be in the UK next month to discuss Beaver Street with the media. 

When Robert Rosen came to international awareness with Nowhere Man, his critically acclaimed portrait of Lennon’s last days—The Times called it “a gripping read no Lennon fan will be able to resist,” and Booklist  called it “entertainingly salacious”—few knew that he had spent two decades toiling as an editor, a writer, a director,  a photographer, and, on one notable occasion, a model in the pornography industry. As a jobbing writer looking to make ends meet, he stumbled into porn at the moment his new employers, publishers of the ‘adult’ magazine High Society, invented phone sex. Initiating the latest phase in the historical alliance of sex, money and technology, ‘dial-a-porn’ would culminate in the ‘free’ internet pornography boom and ultimately condemn the entire industry 
to commercial extinction. 

The intervening years are the most tumultuous and lucrative in the history of smut, and Rosen was present at the dead centre of its darkest hour: the infamous Traci Lords scandal, and the ensuing moral and legal crusades of the left and right, which would see him and hundreds of colleagues staring prison in the face. In Beaver Street, however, this former pornographer bites back. 
On the one hand Beaver Street is a portrait of an exceptional American workplace, full of tyrants, cynics, perverts and drug addicts, the owners getting filthy rich while Rosen and his colleagues sweat blood to fulfill the demanding and squalid responsibility of ensuring millions have something new to masturbate to every week. On the other hand (and this is why the author has christened his work an investigative memoir), Rosen’s intellect, curiosity and stylish prose hoist Beaver Street high above the ordinary porn memoir, with Rosen not only unveiling the mechanics of the porn profiteers, but fixing the unbelievable events that rocked his entire sordid career in their fascinating political, technological and cultural contexts.
The reporter for Christianity Today described Rosen’s Nowhere Man as a “chronicle of weirdness, in which the tragic and the absurd are inextricably mixed.” We think you’ll agree that his new book,  Beaver Street , is all that and more — as sophisticated as it is entertaining, and as insightful as it is lurid.