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Justin Timberlake’s Manager Promises "Brand-New Album in 18 Months"; Launches Search for New Band

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Photo: Courtesy of Jive Records
Hey, all you Justin Timberlake fans who are getting tired of waiting for  your boy to make some new music — we’ve got good news for you.  JT’s manager, Johnny Wright, tells us, “I guarantee you that you will hear a brand-new Justin Timberlake album within the next 18 months.”

 Wright says that Justin has been really focused on his film career in the past few years because “when he gets involved in something, he’s passionate about it and he wants to take it to fruition.”  But Wright says when Justin “feels comfortable” with what he’s achieved with his acting career, he’ll get back to music.  Adds Wright, “Whatever [his new music] is going to be, it’s going to be fascinating and, like everybody else, I can’t wait for him to play it for me.”
Meanwhile, Wright, who has also managed The Backstreet BoysNew Kids on the Block‘N Sync and Britney Spears, is occupying himself with a new project: putting together a brand-new music group through an online talent search called On the Spot.  From now through January 28th, aspiring musicians and singers can upload audition videos to OnTheSpot.Cambio.com.  From there, Wright picks his top 20, puts them through what he calls “challenges,” and then narrows it down to the top 10.  Those lucky 10 will fly out to meet Wright in L.A. where they’ll take part in an “intense boot camp,” as he puts it.  From there, the new band members, probably around five, will be chosen.
Wright wants to make one thing clear, though — he’s not looking for another boy band.  He says, “It’s definitely going to be a mixed group of guys and girls, but exactly what the character of the band will be will come to be once I get through the audition process.”  He says playing instruments is fine and he’s open to all different genres, but he’s really focusing on people who have great voices.
Why decide to put together a group through online auditions?  Wright explains, “Britney Spears and Justin came from two small towns in America, and had their parents not had the means to travel them to Orlando to audition for The Mickey Mouse Club, we might not know who they are.”  He points out, “I don’t want to miss out on who the most talented person is in the world because they can’t get to me.”
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