Only One For Me

Musician Dominick Dipietrantonio Goes Hollywood

Long Island’s own Dominick Dipietrantonio has just launched his new web site ( and is back in the studio working on his debut album. Dom, who wrote the song, “Only One For Me” for Courtney Zito’s web-series Hollywood Girl, is writing more music for the show as well. The song has been running on the show for the past several months, creating major industry buzz. The show, scripted by Zito, is based on her real life experiences (both comic and blundering) in Hollywood. She plays Quinn Monroe, a self-proclaimed cliché (aspiring actress by day and waitress by night). According to Dom, “I really love the whole concept of the show and was immediately drawn to writing songs for it.” And, regarding his forthcoming album, “Having finally gotten to the point of creating my own album, I want to really give it everything. Sure, they’ll be upbeat material, but I really want to feature everything that’s going on inside my head.” Sessions are underway and a fall-release is expected.