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Was "Roar" Written About John Mayor?

Katy Perry has apparently pulled a Taylor Swift after revealing that her number one single ‘Roar’ was inspired by a devastating break-up and speculation is rife that it was written with her boyfriend John Mayer in mind. The ‘Wide Awake’ songstress has finally managed to bump Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’ off the top spot in the UK this week with ‘Roar’ soaring to number one after selling more 180,000 copies in the last week. The single, which has also enjoyed success on the US Billboard charts, was written following a temporary split between Katy and an ex, and the evidence points to John as the muse.

“Roar is a song I wrote as I was a little bit upset. I found myself having a break with my boyfriend, who I loved very much and it really hurt my heart,” Katy told Radio 1. “I said to myself, ‘I need to see what is going on with me and make sure I’m all good.’” The 28-year-old went on to explain that the break-up pushed her to mature and admit the part she played in the ending of the relationship.

“When you break up with someone it’s easy to say they are crazy and think it’s all them, but, honestly, maybe there is 50 per cent responsibility on your behalf. It was just time for me to be honest with myself,” Katy bravely admitted. Katy and John split earlier this year following reports that he wasn’t ready to settle down, however, they reconciled just a couple of months later and have even collaborated together on a ballad titled ‘Who You Love’ for John’s new album ‘Paradise Valley.’

Source: Katy Perry News

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