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70s Singer Songwriter Alan O’Day Dies

Alan O’Day dies, Alan O’Day, who crafted popular songs for artists like the Righteous Brothers and Helen Reddy before scoring a No. 1 of his own with the bouncy 1977 hit “Undercover Angel,” lost his battle with cancer on Friday, his record label announced. He was 72.

The songwriter, producer and artist died at his home in Westwood, Calif. surrounded by family and friends.

“Alan continued to write and perform until his last days,” a statement from 1st Phase Records reads. “Alan was a generous man who gave his heart and soul to the music industry.”

The sentiment was echoed by O’Day’s close friend, award-winning songwriter Diane Warren: “My dear dear friend and mentor Alan O’Day has passed away. ‘If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand. If there’s a rock and roll Heaven, well you know they’ve got one hell of a band.’ (From Alans’ song Rock And roll Heaven). Well the band just got better. Rest in Peace my friend.”

O’Day signed with Warner Bros. in 1971, later writing “Train of Thought” for Cher, “Rock and Roll Heaven” for the Righteous Brothers, and the 1974 No. 1 “Angel Baby” by Helen Reddy. Three years later he landed at the top of the Hot 100 with his own single, “Undercover Angel.”

In the 1980s, O’Day teamed up with Janis Liebhart to co-write dozens of songs for the popular Muppet Babies cartoons.

Throughout his career, O’Day’s songs were performed by artists ranging from Johnny Mathis, the 5th Dimension, Tom Jones, Dusty Springfield, Tony Orlando, Three Dog Night and Paul Anka, among others.

Legendary Singer-Songwriter Paul Anka On ALL NEW ‘Marie’

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Former Teen Idol Paul Anka Warns the New Generation

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The former teen idol Paul Anka wants to have a say about the new generation teen idol, especially when media compared him to the new icon, Justin Bieber. If the public sees a resemblance between the two singers, to Mr. Anka, there is no resemblance at all… 

When Usher first showed his dance moves, people would compare him to the late Michael Jackson. Then Celine Dion arrived and was considered as the white “Whitney Houston”… now Justin Bieber is admired by millions of fans and everyone sees him as a new Paul Anka. The 69 year old singer stays current but laughed over those recent comparisons and has his opinion on the matter. Indeed, he doesn’t guarantee a long lasting career to the Usher protégé. Having been an entertainer for years, Anka knows how to separate an artist who will be a fading wonder from an artist who’s built for a long and promising career. 

According to him, a career shouldn’t be just a one-moment phenomenon but rather a brand that would survive through ages and generations. He fears for Justin Bieber a career that will soon dwindle much like the former teen idol Donny Osmond. We feel however that Justin has what it takes to last. He possess the stage confidence and has the hip-hop moves that have captured the hearts of his fans. He also has a team who manage his image, and finally he is connected to his fans daily through social networks, further becoming a part of their lives. These factors have made Justin Bieber one of the biggest headline lines attractions of 2010. But Paul Anka repeats again: ” Popularity is a goal and Longevity, its secret “.
Similarly he’s pointing at the Lady Gaga’s mania, but never felt attracted to her style. “I listen to Lady Gaga lyrics, what the hell happened, the lyrics make no goddamed sense. All she does is talk about sex, but the lyrics sound like they’re written by a 10 year old.” Paul Anka belongs to another generation and his reluctance towards Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga is understandable but hopefully his advice didn’t fall on deaf ears. Well Mr. Bieber, Miss Gaga, remember you’ve been warned, don’t let the sudden fame fool you, play with it and make it last.