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Paula Abdul Clears Up ‘X Factor’ Rumors: "Truth is Boring"

Paula Abdul is speaking out about her departure from the reality show, saying she didn’t leave on bad terms, and she is still friends with Simon Cowell.

The star re-teamed with her former American Idol colleague Cowell to sit on the judging panel for the first season of the reality TV show, but she was axed from the line-up at the end of series one along with fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones.

Online gossip suggested Abdul was furious about being booted from the show, but she has now spoken out to dismiss rumors of a rift with her longtime pal Cowell.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she writes, “Looks like the gossip mills are churning out a steady stream of fiction about me… Truth is, I parted ways amicably & remain friends w/ (with) Fremantle (production company), Fox (TV network) & Simon. Just saw all my Fox friends the other day!… I know it’s boring & underwhelming, but hey, the truth usually is…”