Pete Briquette

Bob Geldof Signs to Vagrant Records in the U.S.- Performance on Late Show with David Letterman

Mercury/Vagrant Records proudly announced the March 15, 2011 release of Bob Geldofs new record How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sellto be launched at SXSW where Geldof will perform and headline as keynote speaker. 
The name Bob Geldof is habitual and ubiquitous.  It is woven into three decades of the global narrative and its cultural soap opera.  Ask people have they heard of him and all will answer in the affirmative.  Ask them what he does and all will have a separate answer.  Ask do they have an opinion of him and, for good or ill, most will.  Ask how that opinion was formed and they don’t quite know.  Whistle one of his tunes and most will remember it but they won’t know who wrote it.  Bob Geldof is the most famous secret songwriter in the UK.
Bob, on the other hand, thinks that’s what he does.  He thinks that’s his job.  He’s not frustrated or bewildered or upset by this secret life; if anything there’s an appreciative bemusement.  “Put a poster on the street that says “Tonight – Bob Geldof” and most people will say “Yeah o.k. But doing what?”  It’s a pity they don’t know because, as the records, reviews, awards and critiques from everywhere and over many years will attest, he’s very, very good.
Bob’s new solo album, How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell, is his first album since 2001’s Sex, Age & Death and his fifth album as a solo artist (his eleventh if you include his work in his band the Boomtown Rats).  The album features 10 new Geldof compositions recorded with his band in his home and in various friends’ studios and produced by his longtime collaborator Pete Briquette
Lyrically the album is full of love, hope and joy and one senses that Geldof is more comfortable in his own skin than ever before.
On March 17 at SXSW, when Bob and his band take the stage, there will be no question what Bob Geldof does, and that he is very very good at it.
How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell